Di yute weh pick yuh cherry...


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgYeah a mi Buffilous and mi have one nex question fi all a unno.

But first mi haffi meck one ting straight; nuff time when unno hear mi ask unno one question, a nuh really mi personal friend dem.

Sometimes odda people email mi wid dem problems and mi nuh dat good fi
come up wid answers so mi just fling it out gi unno and di interesting
ting is dat unno have all kinda answer suh dem can get fi pick sense outa nonsense.

Now wid dat sey meck mi share sinting whey smady email me and a ask...whey yuh woulda do if yuh buck up a longtime bwoy friend whey him a di one whey pick di cherry. Yuh never really get fi have di full affair wid him and now yuh get anedda chance.

Di chick whey mi a talk bout she used to guh Knox College an she an dis likkle youth did a deal and ting. Yuh know how some young bud excited bout sex, an even with knowing sey dem really too young - she use har han and guide fi him inna har tunic. Dem play round inna di cafeteria till one evening afta school him slide it een and him pop off inna har and di nex' ting yuh know she get pregnant.

Mi sey, di minute har madda get wind a di fact she drag har guh Mandeville fi dump it. Dat was den.

Dem all grown up yah now and him deh a airport a work inna customs...dem buck up wha day yah and she sey him look gooood...she want him fi sort har out real proper. Wuss like how dem neva really get fi guh di full hundred back inna dem school days.

Now tell mi mi peeps, yuh tink sey she should get di real experience wid dis guy...tell har fi mi.