Woman can't afford fi go pon Man Diet


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgWhat's up mi peeps mi a tell yuh di more mi tink bout life di more mi come fi realize sey mi still have nuff more tings fi learn. Now di odda day mi guh a gym cause yuh done know mi nuh just get mi nice shape jus so...a nuff working out and tings, but di reason wha meck mi haffi a tell unno bout mi gym trip a cause mi just caah figure out life.

Now check dis out, mi guh deh and mi a work out hard, do aerobics and go pon di treadmill, bus whole heap a sweap fi keep di body fit and in shape and den afta all dat mi run inna one a mi sistren whey did weigh nearly 200 pounds. Now she did look good wid it, cause she tall, trapting and wear it well...but when mi si har she fava heng pon nail and mawga like mirasmi pickney.

Unno done know sey mi nuh mince words suh mi ask har what a gwann and a deh suh she start to unveil har man stress pon mi. But si yah, mi neva know sey man stress coulda meck smady lose weight suh? Suppose yuh si di ooman, yeye inna socket, droopy and den pon top a it, she start to bawl out backside pon mi dat mi did all a sorry sey mi ask har what a gwaan inna har life.

Den afta she dun bawl and ting, she ago mek me kno seh a ongle bun alone him affi gi har. Seh him deh wid every likkle gal inna di community an she shame fi walk pon road. So mi ask har di ongle logical question, why she still deh wid him if him a stress yuh out suh...all a now she nuh gi mi a proper ansa.

Well di ongle ting mi can sey afta mi talk wid har is woman can't afford fi guh pon man diet, man diet is man stress and dat a tuh much weight loss for any one smady. Teck mi advice and diet di proper way.