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Songwriter sues Kanye West

kanye-west_edit.jpgA wacky songwriter-producer in Maryland says that Kanye West is diggin' his gold, lifting his tune "Volume of Good Life" for the Kanye smash hit "Good Life."

According to In a rambling lawsuit filed in Maryland District Court, Dayna Staggs (aka D'Mystro) is suing Kanye and his record label, Roc-a-Fella for copyright infringement. Staggs says that West "didn't obtain a license to use "Volume of Good Life" for his tune, and points out that Kanye was "only at the age of 6 or 7 years of age [sic]" when his song was written. ??D'Mystro is also peeved because Kanye's song "contains vulgar and offensive" images and "harms the reputation" of his much cleaner song. He wants 85% of all world sales of the proceeds from the music that uses his work, though he doesn't explain how he came up with that number. Kanye's label hasn't returned a message seeking comment.


Nate Dogg Pleads Guilty To Trespass and Battery

nate_dogg.jpgFormer Death Row recording artist Nate Dogg won't be packing heat for the next ten years!?? Website TMZ reported that Nate, who is Snoop Dogg's cousin, pleaded guilty in Orange County, Calif. court on March 20 to aggravated trespassing and battery stemming from a domestic violence complaint back in 2006. Dogg was sentenced to three years informal probation, must complete a domestic violence/batterers treatment program and can not own a weapon for 10 years. What's a guy to do without his piece?

In 2006, Nate was charged with five misdemeanors; aggravated trespass of a dwelling, battery, annoying telephone calls, dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and violating a protective order. The protective order came from a previous domestic violence incident after breaking into a Huntington Beach home where his ex-girlfriend, Jane Doe, her new boyfriend and her mother resided. Nate then punched the boyfriend in the face and left.

While three of the five charges were dropped, Nate's ex and her boyfriend both filed restraining orders against the hip hop artist. It hasn't been an easy couple of years for the 38-year-old. In December 2007, he suffered a stroke and spent time recovering in a medical rehabilitation facility.