Why women cheat


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgYeah man, a me Buffilous again pon di scene. Mi nuh care whey unno waan sey, it look like unno cow dung Rootzgirl cause mi nuh si nutten from har from di odda day. She mussi read unno comment dem and top write...but just tru mi know sey mouth meck fi sey anyting mi still love unno and a do mi ting.

Now a waan talk bout mi favorite topic - man and woman affairs. Now di odda day mi a hol' a reasoning wid mi friend dem and wi did kina a debate why women really cheat. Mi friend dem a wonda why a woman whey have everyting, house, land, car, di best inna clothes, jewellery and dem ting deh and she tun round and guh cheat!

Sometimes she even pick up bruck pocket man and spen pon dem and yuh haffi wonda a wha teck har...but afta wi examine it under a fine microscope we come to di conclusion dat di real reason women cheat is plain and simple – dem a get paid but nah get laid!

Dem man tun wutless when it come to juggling dem love affair. Dem a gi dem woman money and odda tings except di ting whey really matter – some quality time in di romance department.

Dem haffi learn fi juggle dem time. If dem have tings fi duh, dem fi know sey dem fi sort out demself and meck sure dem spare time fi di woman pon di home front. Cause at di end a di day, nuh amount a money a guh keep di woman from gi whey di kouchie.

A Easter season now and nuff bun a run so meck sure dat di ongle one yuh getting is di one whey come from bakery. Gi yuh woman money and anyting else yuh waan, but meck sure you sort har out proper, cause if yuh nuh dweet, smady a guh dweet fi yuh!