What's poppin


Poor Beenie Man

the_doc_beenieman.jpgBwoy dem sey trouble nuh set like rain but mi tink a time fi Beenie get a break now. Him have lawsuit a England a hang ova him head and him not even can get fi hug up him son and get likkle comfort. Mi sey him a bawl out inna di evening paper sey a eight months now him nuh get fi si him son. But whey mi really waan fi know is – if Beenie Man a di king how come D'Angel have him so weak. If him well waan si him son, him nuh know whey fi duh. Same like how D'Angel do
whey she fi do, him nuh know bout counteraction? Well sah...still a hope Beenie Man troubles end real soon...cause mi nuh how much more him can teck.


Gwaan Macka

Big tings a gwaan fi Macka Diamond. YardFlex understands that she has landed a role in the television series Royal Palm Estate. According to her publicist Lisa Larmond the details are now being finalized but what we can tell you is that she will start shooting episodes in April. The 'Bun Him' DJ is not sure yet of the role...but she very excited about it all.


Lady Saw to write book

Big up to Lady Saw who will be writing a book on her life...and we know she has a lot to tell. YardFlex would like to big up Marion on her achievements and we can't wait to get our hands on a copy of the book when it hit the shelves! Way to go Lady Saw.