White Girl Disses Spice


zerby_spice.jpgLyrics dissing Spice spew from the mouth of Zerby, on the Gladiator Rhythm. The white female dancehall artist, who is quite seasoned on stage and in studio; also as a musician, blurts out on her track titled, "Veteran:"

"Eh - when u see Spice tell har dis – whappen now - gyal a come outa diaper an a gwaan like she hot - a fe ave respect u know...How dem a diss veteran artist when - not even platinum record she sell..."

As one of a few new tunes available on Zerby's Myspace, and representing a preview of her upcoming album, the song "Veteran," seems unpopular.

According to an AP freelancer, "Why diss Spice?" Or is it a publicity ploy by a virtually unknown artist who bills herself as dancehalls first white DJ.

While Zerby has reportedly not come forward with any comments on her motive for penning such brow-raising lyrics, her management took the opportunity to bring 'the unknown' into the limelight with the usual plugs on how Zerby shaped her DJ experiences through linkages formed with people like Ninjaman and DJ Supercat, who is said to have been a mentor on her first album.

Zerby, who hails from the Mid-Western US, scorns the idea of dissing veteran artists, and she boldly declares that Spice shouldn't have done it. Is this going to spill over into a cross border verbal clash?

Whatever transpires, Zerby sounds like she can handle it, although her management told AP that they are not looking for a clash.