Community meets Sports at Florida's Ziadie Cup


images_jamaica_flag.jpgThe fourth annual Ziadie Cup Soccer Match will kick off at Silver Shores Park in Miramar, Florida on April 26, 2008. This year, the occasion will hold a dual purpose, as organizers, The Jamaica Diaspora Foundation, have merged sports and community awareness, in their drive to inform Jamaicans living in South Florida about continued organizing efforts amongst their fellow Jamaicans in the US.

This follows a recent visit to South Florida by Prime Minister Golding, who conveyed a message outlining the need for Jamaicans to be ready to answer when Jamaica comes calling for their expertise, knowledge, support and investments.

"Our community is building stature and it is incumbent upon us to be organized in a way that is prepared to address challenges and to take advantage of opportunities in the near future. The Ziadie Cup is now a perfect place to connect with the minds and hearts of Jamaicans in a social setting," stated Marlon Hill, Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board member for the Southern US.

A historic movement to unite and galvanize all Jamaicans, their talents, resources and potential – throughout the US, Canada, UK and around the world - for the benefit of their local and Jamaican communities; The Jamaican Diaspora Movement includes all Jamaican nationals and persons of Jamaican heritage (their family and friends) who reside outside Jamaica.

At the Ziadie Cup, attendees will get information on the June 16 – 17 Jamaica Diaspora Conference to be held in Jamaica. They will meet the advisory board members and learn how to get involved.

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