Mavado woman dem a fight over him


avah_mavado_gavesha.jpgBwoy dah one yah dred, me neva kno ooman cudda bicker over man so. A guess Mavado addi real mckoy fi tru, cuz him ave Avah, a clothes designer from Canada and Gavesha inna one hellava internet war ova him. Mek me give unnu piece a one a Avah message weh she sen pon myspace to Gavesha, "Ok I'm going to try another approach. I'm going to try to speak to you in proper English. Maybe you'll comprehend but with your vocabulary I doubt that."

Ouch! If yuh wah know more, check out dem myspace. No bwoy, dem two ooman yah seriously need fi get a life and leave di Gangster alone. Cuz it clear to me if no want none a dem.

YardFlex will definitely keep you guys posted, as we intend to get to the bottom of this story.