Passa Passa


Bounty and D' Angel

bounty_d'angel.jpgLook inna mi eyes tell mi wat yu see, yes darling is the Grung God an D' Angel mi did see a di recently held Irie FM Awards in a brief intimate moment a chat an a hold hands. But I can't believe dat di same mouth weh seh anyting me dash weh me tek it bak a di same mout a chat to di fallen Angel. No worry unnu self, YardFlex ago mek unnu kno a who a Blaze Blaze and we sure kno a no Beenie Man.


She's Royal

tarrus_etana.jpgWat is dis, I couldn't believe mi ears wen mi hear seh Mr. Royal himself is wit di Warrior Love Princess. One likkle bird tell mi seh a she him did a talk bout inna him song "She's Royal" an vise versa with "Warrior Love." Fi dem love definitely no ave no boundary because Mr. 'Not So Loyal' jus get a baby di odda day wit another "Queen," so some people wah kno a weh him an his songstress Princess deh pon. Every weh yuh turn a di two a dem yuh see, but as she seh "dem caan stop di way dat I feel for you". Stay tuned, YardFlex will definitely keep yuh posted.


Reggae Royalty giving the Royal treatment

Prince Charles.jpgYes me chile Prince Charles is expected on the island today and guess which reggae royalty a lay out the red carpet fi him...Mrs. Rita Marley mi dear.

Cud it be wit such royal treatment we can expect some repriation...I'm wondering.