'25 – Life is no joke' for Guilty John Shop Crew


marijuana1.jpgDescribed in New York's Daily News as, "violent," five members of an eight man marijuana selling Bronx gang face maximum life sentences in prison after being convicted by a Manhattan federal jury on drug and gun charges recently. The other three face 25 years each, having pleaded guilt.

The court heard how Anthony Patterson, described as the gang leader, was in charge of huge weekly shipments of marijuana, valued at as much as US$1 million.

Between 1997 and 2004, the group of eight transported around 2,000 pounds of "herb" each week from California to New York, unloading it on dealers who would flood the streets. Patterson was in charge of getting the cash back to the West Coast to purchase more, once the weed had been sold.

According to The Daily News, The John Shop Crew opened a recording studio and launched John Shop Records from the illicit profits of selling marijuana. Superstars like Sizzla and Wyclef Jean have reportedly been featured by this record company.