Twelve Tribes of Israel's 40th Anniversary spiritually refreshing


By: Kemesha Bolton


Twelve Tribes of Israel in Jamaica celebrates forty Years of existence. For all Bible readers forty years would be very significant, because in the time of Moses when God used him to take the children of Israel out of Egypt under the bondage of Pharaoh via the Red Sea, they spent 40 years in the wilderness.


Twelve Tribes 40th Anniversary was celebrated in style on Saturday February 23 through to Monday, February 25, 2008. On Saturday night, a concert at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre featured Reggae's top performers and Israel members from all over the world. This Twelve Tribe of Israel produced show had a line-up that included: Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser, Luciano, Sugar Minott, I Billy Mystic of Mystic Revealers, Iley Dread, Jamel, Culture Dan, The Seers, Marva Gilliespie, Ewan Naptali, Boom Dawn, Rashorne, Zebilion – Grenada, Scotty Dread-California, Tony Gad- California and Orthodox Issachar – Canada, Jules Issachar- New Zealand and many more. Many patrons described the concert as a 'spiritual refreshing'.


On Sunday the 23rd, Motherland Promotions, a group made up of organization members, hosted a dinner at the Twelve Tribes Of Israel's headquarters, 81-83 Hope Road in Kingston. This was an all white event since February which is the month of Joseph is represented with the color white. It was an exquisite scene; with members and non members adhered to the dress code. The decor was also all white giving a breathtaking ambiance. There were performances from Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Bob Andy, Sangie Davis and Ken Boothe.


On Monday, the actual day of the Anniversary, celebrations continued in the form of a devotion and dance at the headquarters. For this event, members were asked to wear their tribe colors and men, women and children were all decked out in the color that represents their tribe, from Rueben to Benjamin and wearing their banners (red, gold and green hats).


This night was filled with prayer, singing of hymns and theme songs and testimonies from the executive body and members. There was a fashion show and performances from Fred Locks, doing his signature tune "Black Star Liner." Rashorne, Pampi Judah, Sugar Minott and others also took the microphone, sharing in the celebration and accomplishment of achieving 40 years of existence. Three nights were sponsored by Gedion Music, Tony Gad Williams, Livity, Besfm, First Born Management, Reggae Church, Baba Roots, Skillcraft, Irie DryWall, Kings of Kings, Ashquad Ltd, Georgie Wine, Orthodox Music, Smokin Scotty Dread Music, Vidjam Printers and Studio Twelve Productions.


On February 25, 1968 the Twelve Tribes Of Israel was founded by the Prophet Gad, Doctor Vernon Carrington who resided at Davis Lane in Trench Town, Jamaica. This organization emerged from his consciousness after being converted and reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation a chapter a day. This method of studying the Bible later formed an integral part of his preaching and teaching to all those he interacted with.


Gad then began keeping meetings in Trench Town seeking at first Twelve Brethren and Twelve Sistrens to become the executive Body of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel. Sister Vie or Sister Dinah, Bro. Gad's wife played a positive role in supporting him on this journey, and presently she still retains the post of Sis Dinah after forty (40) years. Bro. Dan 1st Chambers remains as an original Executive member.


The concept of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel was created around the fact that each month of the year represents a Tribe. April - Rueben, May - Simeon, June - Levi, July - Judah, August - Issachar, September – Zebulun, October - Dan, November - Gad, December - Asher, January - Naptali, February - Joseph, March - Benjamin; and to complete the body Sis Dinah. Additionally colors were assigned to each month. The colors are; Silver, Gold, Purple, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, Grey, Green, White, Black and many colors for Sis Dinah respectively.


The organization boasts twenty houses in eighteen countries; Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Grenada, Australia, New Zealand, England (Manchester & London), Barbados, Sweden, Suriname, Cayman, USA (New York& California), St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Kenya, Germany and Guyana.


All three events were successful and well attended by many Jamaicans and people from all over the world.