Woman fi smart


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgYeah man mi read how unno a cuss mi out because mi tell unno mi friend story. Straight up mi nuh funny and mi nuh go in fi di kinky ting dem. But di one ting mi nah meck nuh apology fah is di fact dat mi always up inna people business. Mi can help it if dem always a come to mi wid dem tory. And unno well an' love when mi spread it pon di flex tuh!

Well since as mi sey dat, mi might as well gi unno deh drama yah. Bwoy di big man wha dead di odda day a pure tings with him wife and baby mother dem. Cause mi undastand sey a pure cat fight a gwaan over di dead and lef and trust mi him lef plenty.

But di ongle woman dem whey a smile a di wife and one a di baby madda whey get har masters and she meck sure sey di house whey she inna and di bashment car whey she a drive, deh inna har name and done pay fah. Even wifey mi hear a check har fi let off some a di asset dem!

Di other baby madda dem end up wid big fancy house and car wid nuff bill fi pay. Bwoy dem head a hot dem cause dat deh well dey dry up fi good.

Well mi gal Buffilous nuh care suh mi a guh sey dis straight, yuh caan deh wid money man and di ongle ting yuh waan fi do a profile, kip up big hairstyle, drive big car and yuh nuh pudding nuh foundation. Just hot rides, bling bling jewellery and nutten else. At the end of the day whey yuh really have fi show fi it?

A 'done out' body and yuh bruck nuh hell? No star, woman fi be more smarter dan dat.

Foundation is a must, tink about a roof ova unno head and it wouldn't hurt fi know bout Olint and even Worldwise. Cause when push come to shove at least if wifey flip up, unno have a nice likkle nest egg put one side fi live offa.

Lawks it bad suh tell, big big funeral and all di kas kas ova di big man dead and lef. Cho, mi know nuff a unno guess a who aready, but if unno can figure it out...just learn di lesson whey mi a teach...check yuhself, before yuh wreck yuhself!