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Rihanna bans umbrellas from UK tour

rihanna+performing.jpgRihanna has banned audience members from bringing umbrellas to her latest UK tour, this according to a report on

The singer has responded to a series of umbrella-related accidents at European shows by confiscating the items from fans before they enter arenas.

The amnesty was enforced at her gig in Aberdeen on Monday. A fan told the Daily Star: "I always carry an umbrella with me as the weather is dodgy and snow was predicted to fall.

"I couldn't believe it when I had mine taken off me during a bag search on my way inside the venue."

Security guard Andy McDonald, said: "We don't normally ask people to leave an umbrella outside. But we were taking precautions over a potential accident.

"We were told that Rihanna's song features dancing with umbrellas on stage. We didn't want the crowd following her actions and someone getting their eye poked out."

Merchandise stalls at the concert only sold official Rihanna branded umbrellas once the show had finished.


Whitney Houston stepping up again

whitney-houston08.jpgYou go my girl Whitney. Looks as if all it took was for her to shake off Bobby and things would start happening for her again!

Whitney Houston is to be paid $2.78 million USD to perform for an hour at a charity event in London. That's some major comeback swag.

The troubled star has been lined up by billionaire philanthropist John Caudwell to give a rare one-hour performance at the Cauldwell Children Legends Ball at London's Battersea Evolution arena on May 8. Mr. Caudwell thinks it is important to raise the profile of the Cauldwell Children charity and stars such as Whitney Houston are the sort of people he's hoping to attract.

Whitney, who has battled an addiction with alcohol and drugs - has made few public appearances in recent years and also has a reputation for failing to turn up for shows.