Can two films on Bob Marley survive?


edit_bob-marley-03.jpgSpeaking about the Marley biopic, this should be putting a spanner in the works for Martin Scorsese!

According to, the Weinstein Company has optioned the rights to "No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley" a book written by Bob Marley's widow Rita Marley, with plans to turn it into a biopic about the legendary Jamaican reggae singer.

Remember that Scorsese previously announced that he would be directing a documentary about Marley that would be aiming for a February 2010 release. Now go figure it out, with this film set to star Lauryn Hill due to be out in 2009 what will that mean for Martin's film one year later!

Now No Woman No Cry is going to hit theaters right before it, in late 2009. Apparently a biopic has had issues getting approved by Rita previously, but now this time this one has made it through and is heading into production.

Although no director is attached yet, Lizzie Borden (Working Girls, "Red Shoe Diaries") has written the script and Rudy Langlais (The Hurricane) will produce alongside of Rita Marley, who will be operating as executive producer. The project is only in very early development, which means it won't be some time until we see a director or cast attached.

Rita's book focuses more on the couple's tempestuous marriage, which began in 1966 and weathered numerous separations and affairs, the birth of four children together and an assassination attempt in 1976. Bob Marley died of cancer at 36 in 1981, and in the book, Rita Marley defends herself against accusations that she financially mismanaged the estate. You can read more about Bob Marley's tremendous life in Martin Scorsese's previous article.

"This is about a girl from the ghetto and a boy from the rural areas," Marley said. "It's more than being a superstar — we have trod the rocky roads. It's more than just a story, it's a reality."

Well who knows the two might not end up overshadowing the other. After all Martin Scorsese is a great director!