Sugar Minott prepares for a 'New Day'


By: Joan Wilson

edit_sugar_minott.jpg"Dancehall is at its worst," are the comments from the man who time after time produced hit after hits serving up some sweet brew to the massive. Well his concern for the sorry state it now finds itself is that there are no dancehall singers dominating. "Give thanks for the young artistes that are trying to keep it on a level like Sean Paul, Richie Spice, Tarrus Riley, Busy Signal and Lutan Fyah to name a few," Sugar praised.

Sugar bemoans the fact that the DJs seem to be the only ones now getting the promotion and praise in the dancehall. He says a lot of people are forgetting the foundation artistes that brought the business to the fore.

"It is pure confusion going on these days and to make it worse they are trying to say dancehall is not reggae as if they are trying to kill out the reggae music", Sugar lamented.

Sugar urged the need to revisit dancehall and for them to take a few lessons from hip-hop, "instead of trying to be American, it needs to be reorganized and refocused on its original roots."

With that said the singer turned the focus to what is going on in his career. He has just completed his self –produced latest album 'New Day' and he is expecting big things from it. The album also features combinations with Toots, Pam Hall, Josey Wales, Ranking Trevor and the Youth Promotions crew.

With the album out of the way he is working on other projects with Black Roots Production, Youth Promotion Organisation and Daniel Minott on a new rhythm called Charm which feature Derrick Lara or the Tamlins, Carl Dawkins, Determine, Chrisinte, Norris Man and some new talents from his Youth Promotion label.