Salute to the Wailers


edit_wailers-medium.jpgA London based group have reunited friends and contemporaries of Bob Marley and the Wailers to perform a musical tribute called Salute to the Wailers at the Hackney Empire, London. In a move away from the traditional yearly Wailers offering, the two-hour musical recognizes the contribution of all the largely unsung musicians who helped create the sound. Scheduled for March 23rd 2008, Perfect People, a collective of UK musicians and vocalists, will document the life and times of the group from 1972-1983 using various visuals and narratives.

Otis Kirton, the shows' Musical Director and Co-Promoter said: "The idea behind the musical is to lend a love and appreciation of the people behind the Wailers. In my opinion there is little understanding of the music and its composition and even less about the musicians who equally put in the hard work. The audience will be treated to a set that will leave them understanding a lot more about the key musicians along with Bob Marley himself."