Carlene Davis – batting for the Lord

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By: Joan Wilson

RAAJ_carlene_davis.jpgInternationally acclaimed Gospel recording artiste Carlene Davis is one of the most dynamic music ministers coming out of Jamaica. As this Caribbean Hall of Fame Awardee testifies in song, the powerful message of God's love flows through her, bringing hope and healing to the heart of the listener. God has truly anointed and appointed her to affect this generation and her mission is to bring deliverance and transformation to a hurting world through the ministry of music, thus fulfilling The Great Commission.

YardFlex can attest that she is well on her way in fulfilling this commission. Already she is being requested by quite a few Caribbean leaders to come and minister in their country.

For Carlene it's an opportunity she more than welcomes as she says each Caribbean island she has been to, through the power of God lives have been transformed.

She is sometimes amazed at the response she receives as she ministers ...but that's the Lord working through her.

Right now she is preparing for a Caribbean/European tour for the month of March.

One thing we can say is that she has her calendar full, in addition to gearing up for the tour she is working on a project which has her very excited.

She is still holding the information close to her chest but we did manage to pry from her that she "writing a lot of lyrics" for it ...could it be an album? Well time will tell.

This minister's life is very full and it's real creative juggling how she makes key time for the family. As in between juggling tour and the project, she will be conducting a series of prayer summits leading up to a big event in May. It will be the Jamaica Broilers 50th Anniversary celebration slated to be held at Kings House. We will keep you posted.