Ras.I.Him.I sews for the stars

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By: Joseph Cunningham

Ras_I_Him_I.jpgFeatures on Rastafarians during this Black History Month and Reggae Month have been some of the most prominent and striking at YardFlex. There is a special aura surrounding this group of individuals who are most passionate about upholding the importance of "black strength" and by extension, productivity.

YardFlex has highlighted Jamaica's first black millionaire, George Steibel and other black inventors who have made enormous contributions to development of Black people. While their lives continue to inspire, it is the legacy of Bob Marley, that has influenced the success of the many "black champions" featured regularly on YardFlex.

Ras.I.Him.I is one such 'champion' who is a Canadian based, popular clothing designer for some of Dancehall's most celebrated artists. In case you are wondering what he has done to deserve recognition during Black History Month; he designed and created the outfits worn by the likes of, I-Wayne and Tarrus Riley for this year's Dancehall spectacle, Sting.

He is the founder and CEO of his company, Irockable Togo Inc., where fashion is formed through his unique designs and flawless manufacturing; before being efficiently distributed to his often prestigious client list. Irockable Togo Inc., is also engaged in the production of Reggae music.

In June Ras.I.Him.I will produce his annual show in St. Thomas, Jamaica, that will feature, Black Scorpio and Jammin, I-Wayne ,Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Chezidek, Tony Rebel, U-Roy, Bush Man and an influx of Canadian based musicians.

That aside, he is very knowledgeable about Black history and puts himself in the category of persons like Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Rita Marley, Mutabaruka, Yasus Tafari and others who are beloved by serious Black historians, because of their faith in Ethiopia as a refuge from the "wretched western world."

Not consumed by what he termed, "colour prejudice" Ras.I.Him.I declared that he is instead concerned with his race finding their identity. "Ethiopia is the origin of things. I see the whole world as Ethiopia," he said. He argued: [Ethiopia as a place for our people or race] "The Emperor Haile Selassie I in 1966 said that we Jamaicans are actually Ethiopian brothers and sisters and that we should organize and centralize, come as one. After acknowledging this, we must see eye to eye as brothers and sisters and acknowledging the mother and fatherland as Ethiopia and press on for reparation."

He continued, "From whence I cometh, I must go. So I look to Ethiopia as a place of refuge, because the west is going to perish according to prophecy."

"A nation without history is like a tree without root," he further stated.