Threesome a di lick


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgBwoy it come een like di likkle time mi spend outa di country a whole heap a tings change dat mi nuh know. Sex get more interesting and ...well mi have a likkle catty whey mi a par wid and she a open mi yeye to whole heap a tings.

Now meck mi tell yuh dat fi mi friend hortical and she do har tings, she nuh care whey nobady waan sey and she nuh watch nuh face when it come to fi har programme.

Now, mi sey all a dat fi sey dat she deal wid a real big man inna di business and dollaz a roll, him have it like dat. And she know how fi hol’ fi har man tuh, cause she know how put di freak on in bed wid him. Some time she all a bring in one a har hot gal friend dem fi spice tings up inna di bedroom.

Now di hottaclaps a dat is di man hook, him nuh stop sleep wid har and mi hear sey certain other female a get jealous and start build up whole heap a vibes bout mi friend.

Dem start pree har nuff an' all a chat sey from she bring in odda woman pon dem bedroom action she nuh far from lesbianism. Now, mi nuh business wid nobady but mi haffi admit why dem suh concern about whey she a do.

Well when mi check mi friend and ask har, she sey if dem suh concern, dem fi come check har and meck she teach dem a ting or two about how fi hol’ a man and fix him up proper!

She sey she have a freak guide book and she can pass on some knowledge free a cost! Backside yuh know sey all a dis a meck mi wonda now wha really a gwaan inna dis ya island.

A mi friend, so mi nah judge har, but after fi har experience mi start to check out and talk to more people and yuh waan fi know di shocker? Yeah man a nuff nuff people a engage inna threesome and all foursome tuh!

A suh sex get boring dat one couple caan enjoy it again. But if yuh ask mi a tink is di man dem come up wid it as a way fi deal wid odda women and not get cussed fi it. And as fi di woman dem a tink dem do it cause dem waan fi control who dem man sleep wid. Cause it betta dem dey dey dan him dweet behind dem back.

Yes mi chile, threesome and foursome a way a life now inna Jamaica and it nuh look like sey it a guh put pon di back burner anytime soon. Well a it dat fi mi till next time...if a your ting dem deh, den get yuh freak on...but if yub stay like mi...enjoy yuh man...alone!