Mavado continues to get a bad rep in Trinidad


mavado_pic_edit.jpgOh boy, Mavado just can't seem to get a break in Trinidad and Tobago. In an article published in the Trinidad Express his kind of lyrics was again blamed for a stabbing incident leading to the death of a secondary school student.

See below the article in question.

In the wake of yesterday's stabbing to death of a secondary school student, at least one popular urban radio station has moved to clamp down on violent dancehall lyrics.

Well-known DJ, Kwesi "Hyper Hoppa" Hopkinson, special advisor/consultant at Red 96.7, described the stabbing incident as "the last straw" and he identified the music of dancehall star Mavado as one of the chief offenders in this regard.

"There is no doubt that the music is influencing the youths towards violence. Particularly an artiste like Mavado who says he's a gangsta for life and has the youths emulating that lifestyle," Hopkinson said.

Asked why these chose Mavado in particular, Hopkinson said he has been in the business for over 12 years and understands what music does to people. He said he had nothing personally against Mavado and his music.

"But we need to understand what Mavado is doing to the youths when he says he's a gangsta for life. We have to take a stand against the music that's inflaming these young minds, because they are not strong enough to withstand these messages," he said.

Hopkinson said his Afternoon Drive programme, which airs from 3 to 6 p.m. daily, would be focusing on music with more positive messages. He also spoke about the music of 50 Cent and newcomers Busy Signal and Demarco as having negative influences.

Hopkinson said he hoped DJs at other stations would see the harm that is being done and take a similar stance.

"We certainly are taking a stand at this station," he said.