Vernon Reid joins Aubrey Dayle & My id for great jazz fusion in Toronto


By: Elizabeth Smith


'He was born in Jamaica, grew up in Canada and plays like he's from
Georgia,' is how Grammy winning Blues icon, James 'Blood' Ulmer describes Jamaican born drummer, Aubrey Dayle.

After decades of honing, developing and flaunting his powerful drumming skills on international stages and in major studios, accompanying numerous stellar musicians, Dayle returned to Canada from his New York City base and launched the astounding contemporary jazz ensemble called, My id.

Tomorrow night, February 27, at the Revival Music Lounge in Toronto, My id will appear in a special concert that features: Living Colour guitarist and multi-Grammy winner, Vernon Reid, who joins the electric Toronto based band in what may seem like somewhat of a reunion for himself and Dayle. Reid, who is known for his guitar virtuosity and ground breaking work in rock, jazz, fusion and R&B, has worked with some of music's most talented including: Mick Jagger, Bill Frisell, Carlos Santana, Public Enemy, Garland Jefferies and James Blood Ulmer.

Dayle toured and recorded with Reid on the James 'Blood' Ulmer Grammy nominated CD project, "Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions" and "No Escape for the Blues: The Electric Lady Sessions." His debut CD as 'front man' where he composed, arranged and produced the tracks for My id also features Reid with his striking guitar rifts.

Entitled, My id, the CD features, Allman Brothersbassist, Oteil Burbridge, singer Hassan Hakmoun and includes social commentary with spoken word pieces on health and human rights.

Following a tradition where contemporary music has been a voice for a community of people who need to express their frustrations, challenges and triumphs in a way that is sophisticated and subtle, yet effective – Dayle fuses the award winning theatrical voices of his sisters to bring multiple issues of importance to the fore. Dayle says he patterns a custom from Africa that facilitated communication through drumming, music, theatre and the arts. My id continues this tradition in a way that will help us examine and re-examine our ever emerging global community.

Dayle has also been drummer on tour and in studio with musicians like: Garland Jeffries, Sonny Rollins, Peter Gabriel, Hassan Hakmoun and John Popper Band.

A portion of the ticket sales from tomorrow's show will be donated to Lupus Canada ( Dayle has Lupus which is an incurable disease. Normally the body's immune system makes proteins called antibodies to protect the body against viruses, bacteria and other foreign material. With Lupus, the immune system cannot tell the difference between foreign substances and its own cells and tissues and makes antibodies directed against itself. Despite the stress of being a working musician traveling to a new city daily, Dayle has found a way to balance his lifestyle and his illness to continue his passion for making music.

In explaining the band name he says, "The id is: the unconscious source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives and therefore My id becomes: the conscious musical illustration of my instinctual needs and drives.

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