Energy and Entertainment go hand in hand with Magnum


By: Elizabeth Smith


The force of 'Magnum Follow Di Arrow' will hit James Bond Beach on Saturday, March 1st, bringing a tradition of collaborating for the development of authentic Jamaican culture to its 2008 climax. Boasting the best line-up in its eight year history, the Magnum Tonic Wine endorsed annual show will deliver on its commitment to provide quality, top class entertainment to the masses.

A barrage of veterans and current hit-makers are billed for 2008, with The Alliance Crew as headlining acts. Headed by Grung Gad Bounty Killer, Alliance will undoubtedly bright up the night as the Killer will be supported by: Mr. Gully Side – Mavado, Wayne Marshall, Busy Signal, Bling Dawg and Bad Boy recording artist Elephant Man. The show will also feature Assassin who is riding high with the recent release of his "Gully Sittin" Album, Ninja Man, Mr Vegas, Bugle, Warrior King, Macka Diamond, Anthony B and the ever tempting Lady Saw.

"What we are doing is blending the old with the new. We are making every effort to ensure that this year's staging is the best we have ever had. We have fine tuned the production, reworked the venue and put together some of the best entertainers that Jamaicans love. Being the first major dancehall event for the year we have to set the trend" - Dexton Ennis CEO of Decky Promotions said.

Ennis initiated 'Follow Di Arrow' in Mango Valley back in 1999 and has watched the seed he planted grow to become high quality entertainment that now attracts a large overseas contingent annually. In 2004, Magnum Tonic Wine jumped on board, fulfilling its brand's vision of bringing authentic grassroots entertainment to Jamaicans. Today, 'Magnum Follow Di Arrow' is bigger and better.

Magnum Tonic Wine is serious about energizing entertainment. Gary Dixon, Brand Manager said, "One of the aims at Magnum Tonic Wine is to develop authentic Jamaican culture and 'Magnum Follow the Arrow' is one such effort. We have done the same with the Magnum GT Extravaganza which was [this year] voted the best show for 2007 by IRIE FM listeners. Magnum Tonic Wine symbolizes quality and that's what we bring to our events."

This year's 'Magnum Follow Di Arrow' will also feature a special segment dubbed 'Touch of Magic.' It is dedicated to the veterans of dancehall and will feature Josey Wales, Professor Nuts, General Trees and Terror Fabulous among others. There are over 30 performances scheduled for 'Magnum Follow Di Arrow' 2008 backed by the Ruff Cut and Kaution bands while GT's Aggregation along with Sound Wave and Rock Away Movement will be juggling.