Constant Spring Primary and Junior High enjoy KLAS Inseason School Tour Vibes


By: Kemesha Bolton
Photography By: Milton Raynor


It was another week for the KLAS Inseason Tour and this time they stopped off at the Constant Spring Primary and Junior High School. DJ Kat started the afternoon's proceedings with some hot tracks and while the students gathered, shouts, screams and verbal gun salutes were heard as they scurried for the front to get a good view the stage.


The tour's resident host, Tony Young from KLAS Sports Radio spoke to Acting Principal Beverly Anderson Clarke who welcomed everyone to the school. Mrs. Ann Marie Smelling - Cultural Agent spoke about the school's upcoming Jamaica Day celebration scheduled for February 29th 2008.


As part of its mandate the KLAS Inseaon Tour seeks to discover talent; and the Constant Spring based school had it in droves. Performances came from Jodian Robinson doing "Lord I Believe In You," Dane Chambers' delivered a drum piece that reminded the audience of its power with every slap and the school's choir sang "Gloria." Tasanique Thomas added a comical and dramatic twist to Bob Marley's " Don't Worry" while Chantal Bailey played "Wind Beneath My Wings" on the recorder.


Female performers dominated as performances came from upcoming artistes Alibra, Keri Page and Bridges. Other Performers were Nesbeth doing popular tunes "Board House Bun Down," "I Love Her, She Loves Me," much to the delight of the students who sang both songs line by line. Two students from other institutions also performed. Terro Prince did "Ghetto Life" and Bushu Tail, "Mi Nuh Undastan." Nawh Switch was next doing "Ga Ga" and "Nawh Switch."


Gospel artist Junior Thompson "He's my daddy Oh", I Octane "Vampire" and "Gun rise" that were received with much appreciation from the students,


Chuck Fenda went against the wishes of Alicia Anderson, the tour's producer when he performed "Gash Dem and Light Dem." Anderson has been keenly weighing the influences brought to school goers during the sports/arts live broadcast collaboration. He also gave the crowd, "Coming Over Tonight" and the girls assumed the role of absent Cherine Anderson singing the words with feeling and passion.


Students showed their appreciation in a big way for performances by gospel artist Junior Thompson and I Octane; then the highly anticipated Shane O unfortunately did not deliver. He struggled to perform because of a faulty CD that would not allow him to finish his performance. The biggest and most exciting performance for the afternoon came from Baby Chris, popular for "Ring Dind Ding" and "Ring Ding Ding And Gone." When he entered the stage tables used as barriers were turned over and host Tony Young had to stop the performance. Once things got going again the students danced, sang jumped and screamed, with the girls at the front taking every opportunity to grab Baby Chris. One student got her heart's desire as he brought her on stage to dance with him.


This was a wonderful afternoon, full of vibes and enjoyment and there is no doubt that the students enjoyed KLAS passing through.