Cen'C has got those 'Genius Wailer Genes'

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Cen-C_love.jpgLike her father, the illustrious founding Wailer - Bunny Wailer; singer, songwriter, arranger and guitarist, Cen'C Love is focused on using her talents as a tool for equal rights, justice and overall social change. Penning piercing lyrics that address issues of inequality, poverty, sexism and racism, Cen'C reinforces the obvious; that at 20 years old, she is a 'chip off the old block.'

Cen'C's debut single, "A Little More Time," is a rhythmic example of her fine style of writing about love in all its many forms. Recently released, it proves that this all-round renaissance woman is ready to command the world's attention.

Songs such as "Strange," taken from her demo CD, keep that powerful voice and poignant messages lingering on your mind.

The graduate of DeKalb School of The Arts in Atlanta, Georgia has an electrifying stage presence yet she manages to deliver each note intimately to her audience.

Ready to spread her musical wings, Cen'C is a musical Goddess poised to conquer your heart.