Passa Passa


By: Ears to the Ground

Bounty done wid Julian?

tony_bounty.jpgYuh done kno mi caan kip fi mi mouth shet aready and mi dun know sey unno love di likkle passa passa. Well it a circulate di rounds big and large sey Bounty Killer part ways wid him publicist Julian...still mi neva get fi find out why so maybe unno can tell mi more bout it.


Matterhorn fall out wid manager

But a what dis mi a hear sey Tony Matterhorn and him manager have a big falling out. From what wi can sniff out the falling out come bout because she did a withhold money from him fi pay tax. Him meck demands fi it and she nah give it up cause di woman just neva waan nuh problem wid IRS...yuh can imagine a Beenie Man situation inna US! Hear sey dem have a big argument and nah work together again and Tony a manage himself now.


Reggae conference flop

Mi disappointed inna di turnout a UWI di odda day at the Global Reggae Conference. Mi hear sey yuh did have more speakers dan audience. When yuh look roun a pure empty chairs. It's a sad day in Reggae music when yuh nuh have enough players fi come support di ting. Considering dat wi a celebrate Reggae Month, yuh woulda tink sey it woulda different. Can you imagine, lots of foreign presenters, and very few locals...oh bwoy.