Kanye West booed in Australia


kanye-west2.jpgUh Uh, Kanye West was a big flop at a concert in Australia. According to mediatakeout.com readers from that part of the world reported on his performance on February 18.

Check out the report:

If you want to know how Kanye West's concert went in Perth, Western Australia at the music festival "Good Vibrations", it was crap. He is getting the worst reviews.

He just sort of came out and did his thing, there was no feeling about it. I think there was also something wrong with the sound because it was hell quiet and you could hardly hear him over the music.

People in the crowd were booing and leaving and paying no attention and hell bagging him out. Cypress Hill played before him...they were awesome. I'm a huge fan of Kanye but I was so disappointed.

He had an amazing stage set up and light show, but it meant nothing. On the radio here this morning it's all about how disappointed everyone is, and people are ringing in etc.

Oh boy, poor Kanye, they coulda show him some love from down under man.