Enjoying your Valentine night to the max!


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgTiming is everything...and on Valentine's Night this is even more true. You don't want to spoil a perfect, romantic night by turning off your partner with a word spoken out of turn, or ghastly apparel or music that does nothing for him...do you?

So how about it? Let's create the perfect atmosphere for the one you love. You do want the romance to continue long after February 14 don't you?

Let's say you have already dined, he has taken you home and it's time for the 'grand finale'.

Here is how it should play out.

The minute he walks through the door, he is greeted by soft red and white scented candles glowing in the room and some classic love songs playing in the background. Take his hand and lead him to the couch where on the centre table you have a bottle of champagne chilling and some chocolate as nibbles.

Pour him a drink and then blow him a kiss telling him you'll be with him in a jiffy.

Later (don't stay too long), you re-emerge in a red daringly cut negligee and waltz your way to where he's seated. His mouth should be opened in astonishment by this. Close it...with your lips.

You...and he...should be getting all hot and bothered and ready to 'dine' all over again. It's time to cool off. Back away and take another sip of the champagne.

Disentangle yourself and head for the component set. Put on play that special selection of music you pre-planned for the occasion. Here are some suggestions.

'Always' - Atlantic Star

This song is perfect when it comes to mood setting. The lyrics say everything you would want to voice. 'I will love you so for always!'

'Because You Loved Me' - Celine Dion

A classic Celine Dion song. It displays her talent for wailing like no other. If you close your eyes, you may even be able to see her beat her chest at the dramatic parts.

'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' - Elton John

The way we see it, there are basically two types of people: those who don't have kids, and those who have kids and are forced to watch every single Disney movie that comes out. This little gem is from 'The Lion King' soundtrack, and as long as you've got your toddler asleep, it should make somebody roar...get my drift.

'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby' - Barry White

The man just oozes sensuality. Play this song and see why. How do you think the Biscuit from Ally McBeal landed the hottest chick on the entire show? Of course, Ling is pretty hot, too, but we think we made our point.

And you may have your own choices, like some Luther Vandross, Regina Belle, Beres Hammond...just put together a collection of your favourite love songs.

While these beautiful love songs are playing, take your partner's hand and lead him to the centre of the room. I suggest dancing with your back to him - the opportunities are endless here. He can kiss your neck, nibble your earlobes as you move sensuously to the beat, exploring all your sensual spots.

It's time to take a break - and head to the bathroom.

Darn, even though you look great in it, the negligee has to go... and his clothes too.

You slowly undress him, teasing him sensually here and there, taking him on a high...but not to the peak. Then slowly lead him to the bathroom filled with scented glowing red candles and a tub of inviting warm bubbles.

Make sure a bottle of champagne is near the bath, with grapes or strawberries. Make use of your loofah scrubs. Between that sensuous bath, and deep French kisses, you should be ready to get out of the bath and head for the bedroom - make sure you don't finish it up in the bath!

The bedroom is permeated with the scent of glowing aroma therapy candles with a bottle of scented oil, honey and chocolate on the night stand and music in the background. After toweling down...slowly...begin a sensual massage with the oil.

Make full use of the chocolate, honey, champagne, grapes, strawberries, ice cubes, candle wax...whatever you fancy. The rest of the night is all yours to explore each other's body, doing all sorts of wonderful things that will lead to a truly orgasmic night...over and over again.