What's up with Anal sex


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgHey my peeps, it's been a while since a chat to yuh. But to be honest, mi did haffi cool out mi head space so mi go a one small island and chill out fi a while. But mi still keep in touch wid YardFlex happenings.

Mi si unno have Rootzgirl a gwaan well doan, but a wonda if she good as how she sound.

Now - mi suh disgusted dat mi couldn't resist, mi did really haffi resurface wid deh one yah. Peeps, unno done know sey mi hot, mi a happen and any man mi waan mi can get...why yuh tink mi name Buffilous.

But mi get the shock a mi life di odda day when mi meet one sweet sweet bwoy. From mi look pon him, mi start to salivate to how di bwoy look good. Nah tell nuh lie, him a happen and all mi did waan do is jump inna di bwoy pants and meck him deal wid mi case.

Well, big conversation strike up and before long sparks start to fly and mi and di bwoy mek date.

Wi find a nice little classy hotel and mi a gear up fi put mi groove on wid di man...yeah, mood set, kissing and tings...den mi get horny like hell...a tremble cause mi a imagine how mi dream a guh come true when a get di shock of mi life...di man want mi fi tun over!

Now same time mi start to question why, cause mi kinda cagey bout round dem back parts. Him start to ask mi if mi eva do anal sex...all a sey how it exciting and better dan anything...out of this world.

Peeps, forgive me yuh hear, mi sey no cloth nuh lef fi mi sew pon him. Damn bright!

Me...hot gal...fi guh...but a whey him teck big woman fah sah!

Afta whey happen to mi, a start to check a few a mi sistren dem fi find out if any man bright wid dem suh and a deh-suh mi have some more shock...nuff a dem a do it long time! All a try bring mi up to speed too!

But a wha di backside di world come to sah...anal sex...den if man a do dat to woman, mi nuh si why him wouldn't do dat to another man.

Yuh know wha, a getting upset again just tinking bout di whole ting, so hear wha...next time mi whi chat to yuh.