By: Look Out
Photography By: Milton Raynor


The Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards turned out to be one drama after the other. Yeah, the award ceremony itself was okay, but man we couldn't stop cracking up at some of the things that went on there!


LA Lewis' blunder

But a who really tell Richie B fi ask LA Lewis to make a presentation! Mi nah lie yuh mi suh embarrass dat di whole time mi kinda tun whey mi head from the stage. When LA went on stage to announce the winner...he said and we quote, "the category goes to! Then he realized something was wrong with that and 'corrected' himself by saying "the nominee goes to...uh oh! Well at least we can say LA was persistent as he finally got it right by process of elimination!


Richie get award too

Richie held the award show to honour artistes in the biz but bwoy dem pop a surprise on him when he was presented with an award from the Ministry of Tourism...only thing is we kinda did a think still sey him neva look too surprise...but chu maybe him di man just cool like dat. Big up Richie continue fi duh yuh ting.


Junior Reid teck over

But what a way Junior Reid just teck ova di people dem award eeh. Him collect one award and den when him fi teck whey himself off di stage him start ask di people dem if dem waan fi si him perform. All di frantic signal from backstage neva meck a difference Junior just start perform, den him call on him two pickney dem and do him ting...all di same him neva do to bad him shoulda just leave Alicia Keys song alone.


Angel leave miserable

Bwoy what a way D'Angel leave di Pegasus Gardens looking very dejected. Bwoy mi nah tell nuh lie, if it did inna mi powers a woulda meck sure she get one award fi 'most determined.' Mi rate har still fi turn up a di awards watch as Barbee guh up two times go collect award not to mention Beenie Man whey get three and leave like a lady.


Nice speech Brick and Lace

Mi couldn't dun and nuh big up the speech whey di Brick and Lace Sisters give when dem go up fi receive one award. Still mi neva tink dem woulda stop chat, but dem sey one ting whey mi rate... "big up to all a di females in the business." If we coulda find dat deh kinda attitude we woulda si more women a progress in di biz.

EME 141.jpg

EME Winners

1. DJ of the Year (Male) (For a solo vocal performance) - Beenie Man

2. DJ/Singjay of the Year (Female) (For a solo vocal performance) - Queen Ifrica

3. Vocalist of the Year (Male) - Tarrus Riley


4. Vocalist of the Year (Female) - Etana

5. Producer of the Year (Dancehall) - Mario 'Mario C' Campbell for 357 Records

6. Producer of the Year (Reggae) - Robert Livingston for Big Yard Music


7. Best New Artiste (Male) - Munga

8. Best New Artist (Female) - Barbee


9. Duo/Group of the Year - RDX



11. Song of the Year (Dancehall) - Back It Up – Beenie Man

12. Song of the Year (Reggae) - She's Royal – Tarrus Riley

13. Top International Artiste of the Year - Junior Reid


14. Album of the Year - "Too Bad" - Buju Banton

15. Recording Artiste of the Year - Mavado


16. Cultural Artiste of the Year - Lutan Fyah

17. Breakthrough Artiste of the Year - Brick & Lace

18. Songwriter/Lyricist of the Year (Reggae/Dancehall) - Busy Signal

19. Singjay of the Year - Mavado

20. Best Collaboration of the Year (Dancehall) - "Give It Up To Me" - Beenie Man/Barbee


21. Best Collaboration of the Year (Reggae) - "Always On My Mind" - Da'Ville/Sean Paul

22. Rhythm of the Year (Reggae) - Guardian Angel - produced by Arif Cooper for Fresh Ear Music


23. Rhythm of the Year (Dancehall) - Raging Bull - produced by Donovan Bennett for Don Corleon Music

24. Most Uplifting Lyrics - Conscience written by Artiste Cham


25. Honour Awards

Reggae Role Model of the Year - Beres Hammond

Dance Hall Role Model of the Year - Shaggy

Best Original Dance Move of the Year - Tek Weh Yuhself By Black Blingas

Video of the Year (Reggae/Dancehall) - (Stab Vampire/Church Heathen)

Show of the Year (Local) - Reggae Sumfest 2007 - Summerfest Production (Promoters)

Show of the Year (International) - Millenium Countdown 7, Nassau, Bahamas - Downsound Records (Promoters)


International Friends of Reggae Awards (Two Int'l. superstars will each receive these awards for their continued support of reggae) - Alecia Keys & Akon