Trinidad Carnival 2008: violence leaves five dead


TNT_carnival.jpgThe Carnival has been marred with violence, as five men, among them the brother of attorney Wayne Sturge, were killed in separate incidents during last Friday's Soca Monarch competition and J'Ouvert morning, this according to the Guardian News out of Trinidad.

Their deaths have pushed the year's murder toll to 50. Several others were stabbed and robbed during the Carnival celebrations. It was only last week that Police Commissioner Trevor Paul announced that no one would spoil the mas, while Tourism Minister Joseph Ross said tourists had nothing to fear.

Nicholas Sturge died at Port-of-Spain General Hospital on Sunday, after he was stabbed during Friday's Soca Monarch at Queen's Park Oval.

Sturge, 25, of Greenhill Village in Diego Martin, died after suffering from multiple stab wounds to his back, detectives said.

A report said Sturge was at the competition around 5 am on Saturday when he was accosted by two men who attempted to rob him.

Sturge struggled with the men and was stabbed in the back. The men disappeared in the crowd.

Sturge was taken to hospital, but succumbed to his injuries.

Three other patrons were stabbed at the Oval and taken to hospital for treatment.

Up to late Monday evening, one party goer was listed in critical condition. The other two patrons were treated and discharged.

Former Laventille Executive Council member Sheldon "Croc" Scott, of Picton Road, was killed on Sunday night at Fatima Trace in Laventille.

Police said Scott, described as "Most Wanted and notorious," died around 9 pm.

A report said residents heard several loud explosions. On checking, Scott's body was found in a pool of blood.

Macdonald Padmore, public relations officer of the Laventille Executive Council, said men were killing for fame or a stupid cause.

Padmore said peace talks would be held after Carnival.

Wayne Sherry, 40, of Prizgar Lands in Laventille, was found dead on Sunday night on Sixth Street, Beetham Gardens.

A police report said Sherry left home with a female companion to find transport for her around 10.15 pm.

Beetham residents reportedly heard several loud explosions and called the police.

When officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force responded, they found Sherry's body on the road.

His body bore multiple gunshot wounds.

Police list of Carnival stabbings, shootings

* Aaron Ganish of Laventille, shot around 4 am in Port-of-Spain.

* Adison Gaines, 18, of Laventille shot in Port-of-Spain.

* Gary Lawrence of Aranguez, shot in Morvant.

* Indra Maraj, 47, of St Joseph, was shot in her left foot at George Street, Port-of-Spain.

* Camille Durham, 17, of Cocorite, stabbed in the back at Roxy Roundabout, St James.

* Marcus Phillips, 22, of St Augustine, stabbed in the back around at a St James bar.

* Kareem Forde, 19, of Upper Laventille, stabbed in the left arm in Port-of-Spain.

* Rose White, 25, of Petit Valley, was stabbed in her back on Frederick Street around 4 am in Port-of-Spain.

* John Pierre, 17, of Barataria, was stabbed about his body on Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain.

* Sheldon Charles, 20, of Laventille, stabbed in Port-of-Spain.

* Ravi Seecheran, 17, of St James, suffered injuries in an attempted robbery in Port-of-Spain.

* Marcus Phillips, of Barataria, stabbed on Alfredo Street, Woodbrook.

* Kiuro Brawaithe, 23, of Gonzales, stabbed on Broadway, Port-of-Spain..

* Marcia Phillips, of Barataria, stabbed on Alfredo Street, Woodbrook.

* Anthony Butler, of Morvant, stabbed on Greaves Street, St Clair.

* Curtis Simon of Beetham Estate, beaten in Port-of-Spain.

* Ralph Cupid, 25, of Carenage, stabbed on St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain.

* Anita Nicolas, 21, of Woodbrook, beaten on her head in Port-of-Spain.

* Shelly Ann Downes, 25, of John John, suffered head injuries in a fight in Port-of-Spain.

* Robert Mitchell, of Port-of-Spain, beaten on Queen Street, Port-of-Spain.