Thinking about you Brother Bob...


Fond memories of The Honourable Robert Nesta Marley on the anniversary of his birth

The following persons were asked the question: "How has Bob Marley impacted on your life, the world and reggae music?"


Sly Dunbar (Musician)
" When I was a kid, I used to listen to the Wailers. I even played drum on their song "Punky Reggae Party". I respect Bob and his music a lot. He help push reggae music forward. I also remember visiting him in New York and up at the studios on Hope Road. Today (6th) is also my daughter's birthday."

Sangie Davies (Song Writer/Singer)
"Bob took me out of hiding. He is a great influence. I know him not only as Bob Marley, but as Robert Nesta Marley. Knowing him personally, he was a good friend. Can't even tell you the magnitude. Can't even describe the feeling. Great, great influence."

Sizzla (Singjay)
"A whole lot."

Daville (Singer)
"Bob Marley impacted me a great deal. Growing up and listening to his musical messages in songs and seeing how far he has helped to take not only reggae but the whole Jamaican culture to the rest of the world, well that makes me feel great. Personally, he just makes me feel proud to be a Jamaican."

Vegas (Singjay)
"I grew up more on Dennis Brown I think he is way underrated and more needs to be done to enhance his legacy. But to Bob I later realized how great a composer he is. His lyrics are deep and my favourite line from one of his songs is "only your best friend know your secret and only he can reveal it."

George Nooks (Singer)
"Bob Marley set the trend. He has had a great influence on the world and on me too. I really like his songs a lot, there are a lot of messages in them. Even after his death he is still influencing the world."

Delroy Carroll (Booking Agent/Artiste Manager)
"Well he made reggae what it is right now - a force to be reckoned with and subsequently higlighting Jamaica on the map therefore providing additional business for us in the music."

M. Archibald, 876 Records
"Well if my mother had never met Bob and Rita Marley in California back in the early 70's, she never would have left her job at United Artists Publishing and moved us to Jamaica - then she would not have recorded for Joe Gibbs. I would never have returned to Jamaica as an adult to work at Tuff Gong - never would have met my husband, started Eight76 Records...aside from his incredible impact on the world as an artist - my personal and professional life was greatly impacted by Bob Marley."

Tarrus Riley (Singer)
" Well Bob is the King of Reggae, simply words can't describe him he is a great human being. What he simbolises, what he has shown the world, no matter what struggles you can overcome. I am big fan of the Wailers."

Dean Fraser (Musician)
" He is the source everyone chose because of his influence, it is indelible, ultimate. If your going to do reggae music that is the school."

Etana (Singer)
"In a great way. When I first was going through my changes, I use to listen to Sizzla's "I have no White" and all of Bob's collection. He has played a role."

Earl ' Chinna' Smith (Musicians)
" Music of worth. Everybody has to understand that he did not do it by himself a whole lot of other people contributed. If Bob was here it would be a different story. The person that he was all of this would not be happening. Bob is a shepherd and I long to see someone like him."

Judy Mowatt (Former member of the I threes)
"Bob was a special jewel sent to this world. He has not left us, because his voice and message is still here. Remarkably, his message is still relevant; he was a man ahead of his time. His message was peace and love, and everyone, worldwide, could see themselves in Bob Marley's message."

Ziggy Marley (Bob Marley's son and Reggae musician)
"He is my role model and my father. I count it a privilege to be associated with a man who is such a role model to so many people, and I'm even more privileged to be his child."

Damion 'Junior Gong' Marley (Son and musician)
"As his son I've learnt a lot of lessons from him. Also, most of modern Reggae music is still following the trend he has set; the powerful, passionate style in which Reggae musicians are known to deliver their material with."

Ken Boothe (Reggae Musician)
"He's exceptional. Happy Birthday Bob! He's in the heavens. His music will live on."

Bob Andy (Reggae musician)
"He used his music to do what others use bombs and guns to do. He fought for what he believed in through his music."

Marcia Griffiths (Reggae musician)
"We were blessed to have a prophet among us, and he left a legacy. I was privileged to be a part of his mission."

Allan 'Skill' Cole (closest friend)
"Bob has grown larger after life. For me, it is a moment of joy to see Bob honoured. I'm glad that there is no mourning. Although he is dead, I see festivity, joy; and I love it."

Bounty Killer (Reggae musician)
"Bob Marley is number one. He put Reggae music on the international map."