Commentary - Should Bob Marley be made a National Hero?


By: Joan Wilson
edit_bob-marley-02.jpgWith February being declared Reggae Month comes a lot of request for Bob Marley to be declared a national hero.

Now I am not saying that he should or shouldn't be declared one, the only thing I want to know is what's the criteria for being a national hero?

Now while I don't know that, I can at least look at the lives of the other seven that we already have and use that as a marker. They overcame great hardships – most of them at the cost of their lives to make life better for all of us.

The overall consensus though is that all seven struggled for and paved a solid foundation for the freedom we now enjoy today.

They have been awarded the Order of National Hero for their contribution to the social and political development of Jamaica.

These heroes challenged and conquered the institutions of colonialism thereby changing the course of Jamaica's history from slavery to emancipation.

Looking back at the life of Bob Marley if we were to dissect it then yes we can admit that he sure opened a lot of social doors for us in that his music has spread across the globe and opened the eyes of many to Jamaica.

While a lot of people around the world would not know any of our famous leaders, they will recognize the name of Bob Marley and could probably repeat the verses of a lot of the many legacy of songs he left behind.

But we could also look at Louse Bennett-Coverley who revolutionized the country in accepting its own culture...and of course if we dig deeper we could come up with even more luminaries who opened other doors in one area or another.

But should they all be made heroes? Sooner or later if this trend continues being a Jamaican hero will be like the National Honours and Awards ceremony held each don't know if it's a friend thing or those people really, truly deserved the honour...cause something if you are honest you are left wondering exactly what they did to deserve it.

Should you all start to chew fire...let me stress that Bob Marley did a lot...a whole lot for the music and for the country...but hero material...I don't think so!