parishilton_50cent.jpgWhat's with these rappers? Is it the lyrics, or the bad man image they portray? Whatever the reason they have to get their acts together.

On the heels of Lil' Wayne's felony arrest on gun charges earlier this month, 50 Cent was recently kicked out of a mall in Scottsdale because members of his crew were allegedly packing heat.

According to eurweb.com police said security at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall stopped 50 and his entourage asking that they remove their guns from the mall's premises.

The group quickly complied with the orders.

Later that same day, 50 Cent was back in the headlines for reportedly reducing Paris Hilton to tears during a pre-Super Bowl event.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Hilton was hosting a party in Scottsdale for 944 magazine, where 50 Cent was one of the headliners. After 50 Cent said her name in one of his songs, Hilton tried to join the rapper onstage to dance, only to be met with 50 barking at her to "Get the f*** off the stage."

Witnesses said the outburst prompted Hilton to start crying, which was captured on film by photographers at the event.

Ouch 50, you need to show more respect to women!