Jamaica's murder rate continues to soar


jam-flag2007.jpgWe have just closed out the first month of the New Year and already the figures for crime are looking quite ominous. Instead of crime going on the decrease it is skyrocketing. Just one month and already over 100 murders have been committed.

Last year will go down in the books as one of the bloodiest year the country has seen.

The murder rate for 2007 surpassed the previous year's total, this according to police reports.

Data received indicated there were 1,574 murders in 2007, a 17 percent rise from 2006. Of those murdered last year, 19 were members of the police force while 146 were women with 65 being children.

There were 82 double murders, 10 triple murders and five quadruple murders. Most of the murders - 79 percent - were committed by guns while most of the homicides were committed in the inner city communities of Olympic Gardens, Waterhouse, Drewsland, Seaview Gardens, Riverton City, and sections of Maxfield Avenue. November was the bloodiest with 166 persons murdered within that 30-day period.

Throughout last year there were several initiatives implemented to stop the rising surge of crime with little success. DCP Shield at one point revealed that they would be targeting hot spot areas in every division in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine...still the figures rise.

Some policemen are now beginning to cry out for the death penalty in an effort to send a serious message to criminals. Will it prove to be a deterrent? That is anyone's guess...still...YardFlex hopes that good sense will prevail and our country can truly go back to its slogan and mean it...come home to paradise.