'Word Sound Power' generates poetic CD


image for betj story.jpgFor the first time ever, fans of Dub Poetry will be able to download a great Dub Poetry CD, representing the Caribbean with the likes of DYCR, M-1, Busy Signal, Sage, Einsley Burroughs, Charlie Bobus and other great poets. This project stems from 'Word Sound Power' which airs every Saturday morning on BET J.

'Word Sound Power' is an artistic force uniting the African oral tradition of rhythmic dub poetry and the literary art form of spoken word to form the voice of a new poetic generation. Each half hour episode airs weekly on BETJ with themes expressing conscious creativity from the streets and it represents the influence of revolutionary works.

This profound presentation is a bold move into the new landscape of
digital content. Hosted by M1 from the legendary Hip-hop group Dead Prez, 'Word Sound Power' redefines the boundaries of entertainment by directly addressing socio- economic, political issues with prose and purpose while providing an elevated visionary alternative to bridge the gap between cultures and countries.