Avid Mavado fan shot and killed


By: Lookout

mavado_pic.jpgYardFlex came across this story on Trinidad Express and we have to say that they will do anything to tie Jamaicans in their mix up.

See, these DJs can't say they weren't warned about the type of lyrics they do. Below is an excerpt from the story posted on the website and please tell us how poor Mavado named got called up in this one – judge for yourselves!

SADIKI "Sadman" Marshall's murder is believed to be reprisal killing for a robbery on Friday night.

Marshall, 22, was gunned down in Providence Estate, Upper Bournes Road, an area better known as the "Cocoa" just after 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Police believe that the shooting incident is connected to a robbery where two men were severely beaten and robbed in the same area on Friday night.

An avid Mavado fan, Marshall, also from the area, ultimately lived up to the Jamaican dancehall artiste's credo "live by the gun, die by the gun."

Marshall received several shots about the body, including 12 to the head. It is believed that after the initial hail of gunfire felled Marshall, his assailants walk up to him and shot him several times from point blank range.