This obsession with oral sex


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgIt's another year and I have to endure going to stage shows and hearing these DJs coming up on the stage and hitting out against men and women who delight in pleasuring themselves through oral sex.

Now I am no prude and I am a firm believer in whatever you want to do behind closed doors is your own I have to admit that it really gets to me when you pay your money, go to stage shows and one DJ after the other take it as their duty to lick out (no pun intended) against what they term 'bow cats'.

Now peeps, you mean to tell me that in this day and age they can't find anything else to DJ about but bedroom activities! They sure seem obsessed with this kind of activity and lead me to wonder, what is their real fascination with this form of sexual activity?

I don't have to remind you of stories that have circulated where DJs who have been known to crusade against this activity were caught with their tongues hanging out in the act!

The sad thing about the whole thing is that no-one asked their opinion, so there was no need to talk about it, yet the compulsion remains to bring it out in the open.

I can't tell the number of times I have to listen to men talking about it, fire burning it and the way they talk you would think, that particular part of the woman's anatomy was dirty, filled with disease and it would be a major crime to engage in cunnilingus.

If truth were known the woman is more at risk from the man's tongue than he is in any danger getting any infection.

Just in case men are not aware, the vagina is a naturally self-cleansing body part, so douching isn't necessary to keep the vagina clean, whereas the vagina can be highly vulnerable to thrush on the tongue!

Honestly, the real reason for this article is that I am sick and tired of having this activity being discussed as if it's some big crime.

Let's call a spade a spade, if two people choose to indulge in this does that harm you, how does that affect YOUR pleasure?

In fact the ones doing it are not even talking about it...only those who claim that they are you be the who is really and truly obsessed with oral sex?