An 'Intensifying' Hugh Masekela Jazzed Mobay.

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By: Kaylia Williams
Photography By: Milton Raynor


The lawns of The Aqueduct welcomed many jazz fans who anticipated the
illustrious Hugh Masekela's performance at Friday night's edition of the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Montego Bay. He created an intrinsic vibe with his grass roots delivery which made him the ultimate show stopper of the night. With melodies seeped in Masekela South African roots and mixed with jazzed beats, the jazz icon cemented his place at Rose Hall. Masekela mesmerized fans, especially while performing his Billboard Hot 100 hit "Grazing in the Grass."

maskela's sis.jpg

After an energetic set, jazz fans begged for an encore he obliged giving off a more genre-bending dynamic style with favorites "The Market Place," "Vasco Da Gama" and "Secret Society."


The multi-talented vocalist Jill Scott infused jazz with her soulful R&B tone creating a rich-edgy unpredictable sound that had patrons wanting more. Though some say her set was a little bit sexual, many enjoyed her 2000 hit "A long Walk." She definitely received an encore from fans as she served up hits from her 1st album; finishing off night two of Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues.


Allegedly lead singer Lou Graham visited two hospitals here in Jamaica yesterday. The powerful vocalist, who was the scheduled as the closing act for last night's show was unable to perform due to laryngitis. Other successful performances came from the empress herself, Etana and the sizzling sweet R&B artist Ryan Shaw.

Etana delivered a classy performance she was calmly dressed in white, creating a subtle energy. She gave her all with her first hit "Wrong Address" while planting her "Roots," she educated her fans about "Money."

Ernie Smith dominated the On-Que Stage. He drew many jazz lovers who enjoyed his melodious vibe.