Natasja Saad hits number one


By: Joseph Cunningham

natasja1.jpgNatasja Saad, the Danish singer who traveled from her home-land with an objective to become a Reggae star, died untimely, while on her way to a performance in Jamaica in 2007. It seemed she had missed out, but no! Months after her death, she has currently scored a smash hit on the US Billboard charts.

The song already charted at number 29 on the European Hot 100 Singles
chart in late 2007.

The seemingly indestructible track titled "Calabria 2007" by the Danish producer Rune Reilly Kolsch known these days as Enur, might just provide Ms Saad with a fitting posthumous honour - an American pop hit.

"Calabria 2008," as it is now known, held firm at number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, and has gained support from mainstream and rhythmic top 40, dance and Latin radio. "Calabria" is currently the number one song on Billboard Dance Music Airplay chart.

Rune told recently that, "The whole rhythm aspect has always been the thing that fascinated me the most about producing records. The reggaeton feel came quite naturally because it's such a universal rhythm and also with what has been coming out of Jamaica lately,dancehall is moving faster and faster, and it is so easy to incorporate in music."