Club Amazura in New York was on fire


By: D.C.


Yeah man, Club Amazura in New York was the place to be – for a lot of reasons. The turn out was nice, performances good and talking bout dat, people Lutan Fyah blaze up di place wid him song dem, but it come een like nuff a dem still nuh too familiar wid di wicked lyrics dem whey him a chant.

The Doctor Beenie Man as usual gi a great performance...dem can't stop him. Him just know how fi get the crowd riled up and inna di groove.

But a have to admit dat wi did kinda disappointed cause wi spot Barbee inna di house and did tink sey him a guh call har up fi do dem big song "Give It Up" but him just perform like she neva inna di house...but speaking of Barbee maybe Beenie neva call har up cause she tiad, cause she did have some bags under har eyes and look like she well waan some rest.

Richie Spice as usual know how fi hol' a vibes but Sizzla's performance was off the hook! Man him lick some pum pum songs – oh no, wi mean him chant some some pum pum songs and hot up di place!

Big up to the MC Dahvid Levy a.k.a "Nappy headed Zulu King" of WBLS 107.5 and sponsor VP Records.