Vegas mash up Barbados


vegas2.jpgWhat is happening the come with two good songs and suddenly think that you are a star?

YardFlex source in Barbados gave us the 411 on a show that took place on Sunday at the Celebrity Car Park with Vegas and Munga Honorebel.

According to our source both Vegas and Munga ended up working on tracks as Munga wanted Vegas to work with his band instead of the other way around. Now people Vegas around a long time and Munga just a come in the business, why him think that Vegas would want to work on his band?

Anyway being that as it may the show went on but guess what ...Vegas performed first with Munga closing!!!

No, we thought Munga had more sense than that. Vegas with his full repertoire of hits went on the stage...but not before declaring "Freddie (the promoter)...di only reason why mi come fi work on stage on tracks a because a yuh, cause people nuh like tracks," then he went into some retro songs like "Sucky Ducky," "Hot Gal," "Heads High," and of course some of his later songs such as "Do You Know," "Lean Wid It" and "Hot Wuk" with the dancers going on their head tops and mashing up the place!

From what we hear by the time Vegas finished his performance some of his fans started leaving – they only came to see him.

Well from where we stand we just want to warn this artistes whey just a get a buss fi cool it and wait dem turn before dem start to get over hype.