Ne-Yo to sue Beyonce?


neyo-beyonce.jpgThis one is hot! Apparently Ne-Yo is getting so sick of waiting for his royalties. According to word around Ne-Yo's camp is that he may be considering suing Beyonce over the royalties for her hit song "Irreplaceable."

A person familiar with the details spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the website on the condition of anonymity. That person explained, "Ne-Yo was never paid for writing the song Irreplaceable. There was just an understanding that he'd help out on [Beyonce's album] and when it was his time to make his album, Beyonce would return the favor."

But the insider reveals that Beyonce is now refusing to record a duet on Ne-Yo's upcoming album. The insider explains, "I don't know what's going on, but it doesn't look like Beyonce's going to be working on the album...Ne-Yo could have sold that song for hundreds of thousands of dollars...I know that he's consulted a lawyer over what to do about things."

And according to the source "I'm not sure whether Ne-Yo will actually go through with a lawsuit. But I know he's furious about it...If she doesn't work on his album, I hope he does sue."