Manley's induction proud moment for Jamaica


Michael Manley.jpgOn January 12, 2008 the Right Honourable Prime Minister Michael Manley gone from us 10 years now, was inducted into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame. Unveiling his footsteps along with 10 other inductees was the highlight of the ceremony held at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

Included as a featured event of the annual Trumpet Awards, the Civil Rights Walk of Fame programme is sponsored by Trumpet Awards Foundation Inc., with its creation and design being the brainchild of Trumpet's executive producer, Xernona Clayton. Now in its fifth year, the programme has enriched the heritage of the civil rights movement as it gives recognition to those advocates of justice and rights who made immense sacrifices and continue to do so.

Other footsteps this year were: Dr Wyatt Tee Walker - Pastor, Herman Russel, Sr. – developer, Tom Joyner – Show Host, Clarence B. Jones – Attorney for Martin Luther King, Jr. – Dr. Benjamin Hooks – former NAACP Executive Director, Jesse Hill – pioneering businessman, Sammy Davis, Jr. – entertainer, Tyrone Brooks, Sr. – tireless civil rights worker, Senator Edward W. Brooks - first African American Attorney General in Massachusetts and Dr. Maya Angelou – poet, memorist, actress and author.

The late Prime Minister was the first Jamaican leader to receive such an honour in the United States.

Clayton said, "We continue building a commemorative memorial to the civil rights struggle that depicts the tireless efforts and passionate concern of these devoted and determined souls whose footsteps appear in this Walk of Fame."

  • portmore

    di only prime minister that tried to help Jamaican people, Jamaican poor majority Black ppl. But look how wi treat him? Wi team up wid Seaga(who is a Born American Citizent) and the CIA fi get out manley. So who is to be blamed for the shit Jamaican is in now? We coulda went di socialism way and have a majority of educated people rather than a majority of dunce but I guess slavery and colonialism in general wasn't enough suffering for us. Big up to Manley even though he allowed fear and frustration to prevent him from making the changes Jamaica needed, but him try and that counts for something. People need education and health care before all other things.

  • hits

    He is the greatest

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