Hard fight, rough win for Barbados U-19 Nationals

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digicel_john.jpgBarbados National U-19 team exemplified the advantages of Digicel's Kick Start Football Clinic and fought hard yesterday, to gain a 2-1 win on the third and final day of the clinic in Bridgetown. The gruelling match against The Carlton Pro Shottas at Weymouth Police Sports Club was especially significant for John Barnes, Head Coach of the Digicel Clinics who said, "The National's inability to take advantage of shots in today's match showed poor decision making skills. This is why these Clinics are important."

Having the upper hand for a greater part of the game did not help the
National team with goal scoring. Their ability during the game, to make decisions that promoted positive outcomes, was badly flawed. The first half saw the Carlton Pro Shottas coming out being the only goal scorers after a tough 20 minutes. Despite that difficulty in translating their intense play into goals, the Nationals became more focused in the second half and aggressively scored two goals within five minutes.

Manager of Barbados National U-19 team, Julie Grant said the three-day Digicel Clinics has had a positive impact on the team; "The boys have learnt valuable lessons that they will use from now on. I think the match proved to them exactly what John Barnes has been explaining to them about the importance of making every decision count. I hope that their win today proves to Mr. Barnes that they are good enough to be a part of the lucky six who go to Sunderland."

For Barnes, it is not all about Sunderland, but he finds success in knowing young aspiring Caribbean footballers realize the importance of decisions made on the pitch and the affect they have on the outcome of each game.

At Sunderland AFC's Academy of Light, the selected six players can expect a daily scholarship programme and to train with Sunderland players. Ged MacNamee, Director of the Academy said that the programme is to include a physical and coordination programme plus a very technical football coaching programme.

Digicel, the lead sponsor of Caribbean sports teams, including the West Indies Cricket Team and Special Olympics teams, is also title sponsor of the Digicel Caribbean Football Union Cup, which involves over 30 Caribbean countries and is an important qualifier towards the CONCACAF Gold Cup. From Barbados the Clinics move on to St. Kitts for the fourth leg.