What a prayer breakfast


prayer_hands.jpgEverywhere you walk on the streets people are talking about the powerful message delivered by Rev. Dr. Roy Notice at the recently held 28th annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast inside the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.

The Reverend didn't mince words as he hit out against the corruption in the country, "We too tief... pastor man a tief, politician a tief, policeman a tief and we expect to prosper," he blasted.

Loud applause punctuated the sermon as the Rev received a standing ovation following a well-delivered message.

Of course Notice did not manage to please everyone as some were visibly upset at his criticism of Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett for his stance on casino gambling.

Rev. Notice reminded Bartlett of his Pentecostal roots as he chided him.

The Reverend called on the country's leaders to renew their commitment to family life and pleaded with Jamaicans to support the prime minister's pledge to work alongside the church and other agencies to form a national partnership focusing on the family.

"We must hear them before they block the roads, before they strike, before the cries for 'we want justice' become entertaining drama on our media," Rev. Notice said in words of advice to the leaders as he implored them to be in tune with the people.

Still this YardFlex report could not help but wonder how much of that message got across as some of the leaders could clearly be seen chatting with each other and doing everything but paying attention.