Men, be graceful losers


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgOver the past few weeks in Jamaica there have been some horrifying cases of women being killed, brutalized and badly beaten because they want to call it a day where their bad relationships are concerned.

You can't imagine the lengths some men go to in ensuring they keep the relationship going.

Got a link up from a woman living in Miami on the trials and tribulations she had shaking this man out of her life.

Apparently she was working along with him, building up his business and he was making her all kinds of promises, including the fact that he would be buying her a house.

The woman realized he was playing around and plus the relationship was going nowhere so she quietly "teck weh herself" and got involved with someone else. The man was married, but he treated her one hundred times better and eventually she got pregnant for him.

Now, the man she was living with decided he wasn't nowhere ready for her to walk out of his life and started spreading one bag of rumors about how she was sleeping around and had HIV.

He even contacted her baby father's wife and told her that her husband was along with a HIV positive woman. They panicked and the husband had to beg her to do a test to satisfy both of them that it wasn't so.

The man started telling people how she was pregnant with his child, even though he knew very well it wasn't his.

When she went to the hospital to give birth would you believe that her stalker ex turned up and had the heart to threaten the baby father.

He almost created one stink in the hospital until the poor woman who was in labor had to beg the baby father to leave!

Crazy, obsessed ex told her he would pay the baby father 1/2 million dollars to give up his rights to the child! When she refused, he started ranting and raving about how he already told others she was pregnant with his child. Like duh...who told him to lie?

When he realized that his money could not do the trick in getting them back together, he went on the campaign trail assassinating her character!

According to the woman who shared her story with YardFlex, she went through a trying time keeping her head above the water with this man badmouthing her at every opportunity.

Guys...if it's over it's over...let it go.