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Bobby Brown wanted for cocaine possession

Bobby brown.jpgThe Boston Herald is reporting that Massachusetts State Police are trying to bring a cocaine possession charge against Bobby Brown following an incident last month at a local Holiday Inn hotel, this as reported on eurweb.

Details are scarce, but it all started when Brockton police were
called to the hotel shortly after midnight on December 1st to break up a fight, according to Trooper Eric Benson.

He said the officers were directed to a 2004 Lincoln Navigator,
where Brown, who lists his residence as Encino, California, was sitting in the front seat. Apparently he was caught with something because the incident has led authorities on a quest to charge him with possession of a Class B substance, which the court papers identify as cocaine.

A show-cause hearing scheduled for last week at Brockton District Court was postponed to February 19, 2008 because Brown's new attorney, Stephanie Soriano, a former Suffolk County prosecutor, had a calendar conflict, the Herald reports. Hmm...will it never end!


DMX to fork out $1.5 million for accusing woman of rape

dmx.jpgBe careful what you say! DMX is now finding out that saying stuff you can't back up can be a very costly experience. He will now have to fork out US$1.5 million after he failed to show up in court on a defamation case.

According to eurweb, Baltimore woman Monique Wayne, 28, sued DMX in Prince George's County Circuit Court for defamation of character in October of 2006. She was seeking $6 million in damages over a Sister2Sister interview in which DMX claimed she raped him while he slept during a 2003 hotel encounter and ended up pregnant as a result.

"She raped me," DMX claimed in the article. "DNA says it is (my child). I don't know. If I did (have sex with her) I would remember. It ain't like she's a pretty girl."

Wayne's mother, sister and a psychologist testified on her behalf Thursday (Jan. 10), claiming that DMX's allegations were false and slanderous. Wayne was awarded the money after DMX failed to show up in court. The rapper must pay $1 million dollars in punitive damages and $518,000 in compensatory damages.