JCee...Started from the very top!

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By: Joseph Cunningham

jcee.jpgHer face has become very prominent and it's not just a promotional campaign. The Jamaican Gospel singer, JCee was selected to be among the final 20 in a talent search hosted by world leading television network, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The competition, called "The Next Big Thing," received entries from 88 countries. It was held late last year. Reflecting on the experience JCee said, "I did not follow up on my entry until the BBC called to say they liked the song. I told them a little bit about it, and. they called back to say I made top 20."

Since her phenomenal achievement, she admits, "I'm more known now. People have told me they heard the song on BBC radio." She added that her music features hardcore Dancehall and Reggae rhythms fused with various other genres.

Recognizing her Christian responsibility, she said, "I want my music to represent the Kingdom of God, but I'm from Jamaica so I want my music to represent my culture as well." She says she is a full-time music minister, stating that, "I try to put what's on my heart in my songs. Each song has a different message, but they still glorify God."
Currently, JCee is affiliated with On The Shout Records, founded and owned by DJ Nicholas.

"I wanna take gospel all over the world, I just want to share the message of Jesus Christ," she adds. "I want my music to be a tool to set people free," she says, "I want to give young people hope. Your situation doesn't have to be your outcome."