Exciting end to Digicel Kick Start Football Clinic's first leg

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In Guyana to train not only players but also the coaches, international footballer, John Barnes left an indelible imprint on the overall fabric of football there by the end of leg one of the eight-country Digicel Kick Start Football Clinic.

With well received coaching sessions as well as two days of intense indoor training with the Guyana National U-20 Team behind him, Barnes - head coach for the Digicel Clinic, watched on January 9th as The National U-20 showed their might; coming out victorious after a well contested end of clinic game.


Matched up against the Guyana Digicel customers' favourite, Fruita Conquerors at Guyana's National Park Rugby Field, The National U-20 demonstrated strength and skill in taking the game 3 – 1.

The pitch was soaked and there were many strong tackles; under the
conditions, Head Digicel clinic coach Barnes said, "All did much better than [he] expected."

With one National goal behind them, the champion team went into the second and more exciting half showing strong attack but poor finishing with as many as 10 attempts made at scoring in the 45 bubbling minutes. The National's seemingly perfect shots never followed through. It was in the final 12 minutes of the game that the National team scored the third goal.


Mike Berry, Football talent scout and John Barnes' agent commented on the performances: "It was a very competitive game with the National side showing a bit more experience. The Conquerors put in a great effort and they come out of this with a lot of credit. It was a great game and I really enjoyed the second half."

The CFU sponsored Digicel Kick Start Clinic tour will end with an announcement from Barnes of six individuals who will be chosen to train at Sunderland AFC’s Academy of Light for one week in March 2008.

"The ones who did well in training proved themselves today. I have chosen about two or three for consideration," Barnes stated.

From Guyana, the Digicel Clinics move on to Haiti.