Stylist to Jamaica's stars wants more...


By: Joseph Cunningham

dexter_pottinger.jpgHe has been regarded by Black Entertainment Television (BET) as the hottest new fashion designer out of Jamaica, but Dexter Pottinger, in spite of that glowing proclamation, is still forging ahead to achieve self-actualization.

"I want to experience the ultimate success in what I do," he told
YardFlex recently.

He describes himself as, "A make up artist, stylist and fashion designer. I enjoy the world of fashion...without fashion there would not be a me. As a Jamaican, my intention is simple: to change the face of my country, one face at a time. Inspired by Nature, Styled by Me - Dexter Pottinger."

He has been involved in many high-profile fashion events, has groomed
top-flight models, however, he says he dreams of applying his skills
on three persons; Beyonce Knowles, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.

Dexter has received international recognition because he is ambitious and very confident. Speaking in regards to his preparation for huge events, he said, "I just deliver. I feel no additional pressure."

He is currently working on a new project, a television programme to be
called Fashion Trends, which will highlight what is most current in the Dancehall.

Dexter is the founder and owner of the Dexter 3D Pottinger fashion house, where he grooms and designs revolutionary outfits for clients. He's called the "Stylist To The Stars," and really, there is no stopping him.